scoutsThe Scout section is open to young people, girls and boys, aged 10½ to 14½. The Troop is arranged in smaller groups called Patrols, which  facilitate organisation at meetings, competitions and camps. Potrols also introduce the concept of team working, leadership and problem solving, with an aim of fostering a contribution to the young person’s adult development.

The principle theme at Scouts is fun, relationship building and skills development, through carefully crafted programmes aimed to offer adventure, skills and challenges and to stimulate and energise our members’ interest in their personal development growing up.

Programmes including activities, training, skills development, community service etc., are both challenging and rewarding. Many badges and awards can be gained, but the most important aim is to encourage all Scouts to enjoy, participate and to do their best to get the most out of being a Scout.

The Scout Troop meets weekly on Fridays, during term time, between 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

Meet the Team:- 
- Alex Brychta (Scout Section Leader)
- Alastair Cochran (Assistant Scout Leader)
- George Dougherty (Assistant Scout Leader)
- Ian Stewart (Assistant Scout Leader)
- Martin Dove (Assistant Scout Leader)

The Scout Association’s Policy Organisation & Rules define the structure of Scouting in the U.K. Key policies can be sighted on