CubsThe Cub Scout section follows on from Beavers; Cub Scouts are young people, girls and boys, aged between 8 and 10½. The Cub Pack is arranged in smaller groups called Sixes; each Six is headed up by a Sixer, often supported by an assistant called a Seconder. Sixes function in a number of ways, not least of all to facilitate organisation at meetings, competitions, camps etc., as well as to introduce as well as the concept of teams and team leaders etc., in the interest of introducing a contribution to the young person’s adult development.
The principle theme at Cubs is fun, friends and adventure. Activities, training etc. are obviously more demanding and are carefully tailored, with experience, to suit young people of Cub age. Cubs have a chance to a learn a lot of new skills, investigate a whole variety of interesting concepts, cultures, crafts and sciences, as well as going on outside visits and enjoying the adventure and challenge of many and various outdoor activities, Cub camps and District competitions.
Pack meeting programmes centre around planned weekly themes…some people say that ‘Cub Scouting’ was the best thing I ever did! Many badges and awards can be gained but the most important aim is to encourage all Cubs to participate and to do their best...resulting in personal confidence, relationship building and self esteem.
Cubs meet weekly on Wednesdays, during term time, between 6:30 and 8:00 pm.

Meet the Team: Our Cub Pack leader team comprises:- 

- Neil King (Cub Scout Leader)
- Graham Barry (Assistant Cub Scout Leader)
- Guy Wates (Assistant Cub Scout Leader)

The Scout Association’s Policy Organisation & Rules define the structure of Scouting in the U.K. Key policies can me sighted on