Virtual pancake evening held - all ready...

James pancake


 This week's Virtual meeting will be making pancakes (a week early!). For this the cubs will need adult help and access to a cooker. It would be great for the cubs to prepare the pancakes from the raw ingredients in the meeting but feel free to make up the batter in advance if you prefer.
  • Make up batter (100g plain flour / 2 eggs / 300ml milk : or ratio of)
  • Make pancake(s) - Competition 1
  • Flipping pancake - Competition 2
  • Decorating pancake competition - Competition 3
  • Speed eating of same pancake - Competition 4
Sorry for the mess on the ceiling! 
Pancake meeting2
Fruit and Veg Pancake... 
2021 Cub Pancake1
 Decorating pancake competition...
2021 Cub Pancake2
Speed eating of same pancake...
2021 Cub Pancake3
Happy Cubs...
2021 Cub Pancake4