Badges & Awards

There are a huge number of badges available to young people across all sections of Scouting. Some of these might be to reward proficiency or endeavour in a certain skill area, while others might be for time spent in the movement, for becoming a member of the next section, or for taking part in particular challenges or expeditions.

Each section also has higher awards, like Chief Scout's Awards, DofE Awards or the Queen's Scout Award. These awards celebrate high levels of achievement, and young people will work towards them for a large part of their time in the section.

Buying badges

Sectional and activity badges should be bought from the District Badge Secretary. Details of who this is should be available from the section leader.

If you are looking to create a badge celebrating an event, camp or anniversary, these can be bought from any badge manufacturer.

The design of any such badge must be approved by the County Commissioner.

Scout badge app

Download My Badges, The Scout Association’s official badge app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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